Wealth Beyond Riches

Leaving the Corporate World for Personal Growth (Ep. 7)

March 06, 2024 Abbey Henderson, CFP®
Wealth Beyond Riches
Leaving the Corporate World for Personal Growth (Ep. 7)
Show Notes

Is fear of the unknown keeping you in a job that no longer fulfills you? 

Welcome to 'Wealth Beyond Riches,' where host Abbey Henderson, CEO, Wealth Advisor & Coach, takes you on a journey of holistic personal growth and professional fulfillment. In this episode, we explore the transformative power of career transitions.

Meet Martha Moreau, a former IBM executive who found her calling in life coaching after 25 years. Her venture, Surface Your Purpose, was born from a pivotal moment of self-realization. Martha's story is not just about leaving IBM; it's about embracing a path that truly aligns with her core values and personal aspirations.

Key insights include:

  • Martha's evolution of values and vision, and how aligning these with life changes leads to fulfillment
  • A new definition of leadership as a personal and global responsibility, highlighting the significance of one's impact
  • Navigating career and life choices with responsibility, particularly during pivotal career shifts
  • Overcoming common fears such as salary loss and fear of failure that often accompany leaving a corporate job
  • Moving beyond professional identities to embrace self-recognition and self-love
  • The crucial role of mindset in overcoming challenges and redefining one's career path, demonstrated through a client's inspiring switch from business development to bakery owner
  • The power of self-awareness, courage, and the support of coaching and personal networks in facilitating change
  • And so much more!

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About Martha Moreau:

Martha Moreau, a former IBM executive turned life transition coach, specializes in guiding long-time corporate professionals through transformative career changes. After nearly three decades in the corporate world and a serendipitous layoff, Martha embraced her true calling as a coach. Her own journey of self-discovery and liberation from a misaligned corporate identity fuels her passion for coaching.

Through her practice, Surface Your Purpose, Martha empowers individuals to confront and overcome the fears associated with leaving their corporate roles. Her approach is deeply empathetic, relatable, and transformative. She assists clients in navigating their uncertainties, aligning their careers with personal values, and rewriting their life stories.

Martha is known for her ability to inspire worthiness and happiness, helping her clients break free from self-limiting beliefs and embrace new, fulfilling paths. Her mantra is "If you want a new outcome, you will have to break the habit of being yourself, and reinvent a new self," emphasizing the importance of self-awareness and courage in life transitions.