Wealth Beyond Riches

Abaris Financial Group and Our Approach to Wealth Planning (Ep. 2)

January 03, 2024 Abbey Henderson, CFP®
Wealth Beyond Riches
Abaris Financial Group and Our Approach to Wealth Planning (Ep. 2)
Show Notes

What does it mean to be wealthy? Is it about having money and assets, or is there more to it? 

How can we plan our finances in a way that not only supports us through our lives, but also supports our values, goals, and well-being?

In this sophomore episode, Abbey Henderson, CFP®, CEO, Wealth Advisor & Coach takes us on a journey through the story of Abaris Financial Group, explaining her shift towards a holistic approach to wealth planning, where she helps clients align their resources with their values. Abbey also walks us through the client journey, from gathering data and understanding values, to creating a comprehensive financial plan. Additionally, she highlights the importance of ongoing monitoring and offers community programs to support clients' overall well-being. 

Episode highlights: 

  • The history of Abaris Financial Group
  • How and why Abbey transitioned from traditional wealth management to authentic wealth planning
  • The value of having a team approach at the firm, with multiple advisors working together to serve clients effectively
  • Various ways Abaris Financial Group helps clients achieve their vision
  • The book club and ongoing community programs offered by Abaris Financial Group
  • Emphasizing the importance of clients thinking about their vision for the future, beyond just retirement age
  • And more!


  • Introducing Wealth Beyond Riches with Abbey Henderson (Ep. 1) (link to episode when live)

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