Wealth Beyond Riches

The Model of Authentic Wealth (Ep. 3)

January 03, 2024 Abbey Henderson, CFP®
Wealth Beyond Riches
The Model of Authentic Wealth (Ep. 3)
Show Notes

Transcend your traditional notions of wealth!

In this episode of Wealth Beyond Riches, Abbey Henderson, CFP® , CEO, Wealth Advisor & Coach, explores the Model of Authentic Wealth, a three-step process to personal development and growth. She talks about the importance of discovering our values and desired impact, dreaming and designing our vision, aligning our actions with our vision, celebrating our wins, and taking care of our health.

Listen in to learn how you can redefine your relationship with wealth, embrace the potential of conscious giving, and witness the profound ripple effects of purposeful financial empowerment.

Abbey discusses: 

  • The three-step process of the Model of Authentic Wealth
  • The importance of understanding personal values and how they contribute to feeling fulfilled
  • How to use values as a filter for decision-making
  • How to create a vision and implement impact statements
  • The process of assessing alignment with the five levers (time, health, finances, relationships, and mindset) in order to design a life that aligns with values
  • The importance of celebrating accomplishments
  • And more!


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